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Cathy Doll Sweet Moment Perfume Shower Gel 250ml +Cathy Doll Bonjour Paris - Luxury Scrub Gel 250ml + Cathy Doll Sweet Moment Perfume Body Lotion250ml

Key Features/Benefits:

Cathy Doll Sweet Moment Perfume Shower Gel 250ml

Entertain your skin before taking showering time. The predominant scouring gel, extracted from snail mucus takes wonderful action on exfoliating inactive skin cells to arouse skin regeneration. This special feature prepares the next step of skin nourishment as it cleanses skin even clearly. It also helps skin moisturized even driest skin for all-day beauty.

Cathy Doll Bonjour Paris - Luxury Scrub Gel 250ml

This invigorating body scrub gel emits a floral scent and will give your skin moisture, making you feel refreshed after each use. This luxury scrub boasts of ingredients such as 24K Gold, Pearl and Rose. It is suitable for all skin type and can be used daily.

Cathy Doll Sweet Moment Perfume Body Lotion 250ml

Intense body lotion moisturizes skin and is non-greasy. Lightweight lotion deeply nourishes and also reduces blemishes and wrinkles. Lotion contains collagen to improve skin elasticity for a younger look. Hyaluronic Acid repairs skin cells.

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